29 January, 2009

Personal Branding can lead to the TOP!

Uniqueness and possessing an identity is a bit of a difficult and demanding task to most artists when they chip into the art industry. Have we ever reflected the relevance of the toil of acquiring the identity?

It is not only for artists to toil, but what matters is the matter of having identity or rather, I can term it “personal branding” is so vital to everyone. It cuts across all professions, whether it’s a politician or an activist, a lecturer or a researcher, an architecture or web designer, a CEO or a human resource manager, it’s for all!

“Everybody wants to be good, but not many are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes to be great” Paul Arden.

Having personal branding can be speculated in several issues such as the way you articulate issues, the way you handle shocks, work politics and until to the real professional uniqueness such as the art of writing, presentation, management.

One can acquire a serious outlook due to minimization of jokes, fun and chat during work time, this can further go down to how (s)he takes judgments along the issues and the art of diction, tone in conversations. Some can also weigh that out through how much concentration and devotion has been invested to when one carry duties.

The dress code matters a lot when one wants to acquire serious top personal branding; with clean and smart clothes, one can even create royalty and trust to another in just a first impression. Tom Markert insists “Outward appearances do matter in the corporate world”.

Having lack of seriousness, minimum devotion and lack of a clear mind set can easily lower the personal profile of which brands a person in the way which might minimize the chances of trust which leads to having no wealth in the industry you are in.

Having good personal branding can easily be an icon in your field of which adds value to whatever you do. This can also assist in getting easily to the top, whether it is at the corporate world or other world.

People might now and predict ones next move simply due to his already created personal brand. That’s what T-Bag in “Prison Break” Series depicts “we are captives of our own identity”.

One doesn’t need to go to a witch-craft “sangoma” to acquire a top ranking position or a high paying salary in area of work or winning a competition if at all one can discover the secret behind personal branding.

Learn how icons in your field have been acting and mastering the arts and conducts to create and shape well your own personal branding something which will be a tool to have great value in any place you exist not only at your working place!.

© Michael Dalali

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