26 June, 2008

Can Africans Stand for Africa Success?

Africa is among the blessed continent with alot of useful resources from human point of up to material!

Having alot of good scholars who are so potentials for the case of global success and work hard day and night in various continents[though few exist in Africa].

But still Africa is faced by a good number of problems day after day.....jus to mention the few having bid number of HIV death records, violence and wars, embezzle leaders, dictors, scarcity of clean water.....list cant be complited by now!

With alot of comrades brains could come with various global programs/policies such as Millenium Development Goals[MDGs] etc but still Africa is in shumble.

Africa...whats wrong? poccessing a good number of PHDs, MA holders dont ask about Degrees...oopss but they are not for Africa....very few are patriotic!!!

Lets get a book of "Message to the People" By Marcus Garvey and see on our Africa plz

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