13 March, 2012

Before it is late!

Is there a reason of one keep on being employed to work for a monthly salary, if you can earn the same amount of salary in fact an annual salary over just a month?

This is serious!

If at all, one can do the same kind of activities or more suitable one that gives him/her peace of mind under contract basis as a consultant, or running an independent business and earns well then why keep on holding an employed job that in real sense you earn less annually?

A typical example is Mr Juma (not a real name), who is employed in an organization where he earns TShs 500,000 per month. That means, he earns TShs 6,000,000 annually.

However, Juma sometimes do get short term contract works as a consultant that through them he earns a minimum of TShs 1,600,000 in a week time.

Juma has his four clients so far who normally gives him such kinds of works within a year. Hence he is assured of having four short term contract works per each year! That amounts to TShs 6400,000. It should be noted, the whole activities under short term contracts are done over four weeks which is equivalent to one month.

Amazing thing to question, why does Juma keeps on working under the organization if he can earn almost similar amount of income within a month?

Can’t he see he can be in a good position to increase his income and clients within the remaining 11 months of the year if fully he dedicates himself to work as independent consultant?

Juma isn’t alone who is in such trap. I can call it “employment trap”!

One of the huge reasons facing kind of people can be a fear of losing an assured income that they enjoy getting month basis!

The second thing might be the notion that if somebody is not employed or not under the umbrella of organization or consultancy firm he doesn’t deserve being given such contracts as they might disappear or escape before delivering the desirables.

Thirdly, the notion from the society at large that you need to be employed to earn good reputation in the society and this is a consequence of the education and common knowledge in our society today where between “employed and self-employed”, employed are highly respected. In this sense, address or names of companies to some matters a lot.

On the other hand, they also question themselves whether they will have a constant flow of such consultancy tenders.

All in all on embarking completely new approach in life such as being independent or commonly called “self-employed” normally face fear, worries and uncertainties.

The only strong who can have guts to take a new road map and do the unusual as to many, they are the ones who eventually survive in the competitive world of self-employed.

It is the matter of cracking the nut and enjoying the endowed potentials within.

Once you sense the feeling and start thinking of being self-employed, right there it is the moment to go for it. Because, there are so many retired employees who had wished to be self-employed but they couldn’t hold to the fears and uncertainties.

There is no single formula to go for it. It is just doing a good assessment and embarking on the journey. Ups and down are constant in each and everything done by a human being.

Remember impossible is nothing!

© Michael Dalali 13th March, 2011

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