02 January, 2011


Everyday we sleep to wake up dreaming
When our minds cant stop screaming
Noises we wish to turn into singing
A song with a beautiful meaning
To go as deep as abstaining
With no abusing
Remembering basic accounting
Getting busy achieving
Where necessary acknowledging
There is no need for acting
We are not advertising
You know we are aging
In this life we are living
Its not worth relaxing
We have to be advancing
Stand up where you are sitting
Better start doing the walking
Life is so amazing
We should start discovering
In and out altering
Without announcing
No annoying
Sleeping to nothing
Waking up to something
So appetizing
and then you are appointing
The efforts approving
Everyday appreciating
People are appraising
The future you are approaching
The past you are assassinating
And they keep doing auditing
You keep authorizing
They are thinking of awarding
You keep on hustling
They are thinking of babysitting
You keep the ball rolling
When they are brainstorming
You are implementing

Happy New Year from Nancy
May the next 365 days be full of sweet fragrance
And the satellites to read your frequency
Life is full of fancy
No need for agency
Make your own currency

HAPPY 2011

By: Nancy Lazaro Mwaisaka
Copyright - 31/12/2010

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